Bodysex Workshop

Bodysex is a nude workshop in which women get together in a circle. In a profound experience of sisterhood, you will step into your very own sexual power.

What's in the workshop

Day 1

1 – Arriving in the here and now.

You will have enough time to arrive in the circle and get comfortable. Once there, we will do some light stretching and breathing exercises to arrive in the moment, in your own body. As you continue reading, I want you to remember that nothing in this workshop will happen without your consent. You decide which steps to take and when to pass.

2 – Let's share and listen.

In this round we will share our sexual past. We will talk about your sexual upbringing, childhood masturbation, sexual experiences, sexual trauma and shame, sexual relationships – whatever it is you would like to share. We will not try to analyze or fix anything, the circle is there to hold the space for your experiences and trauma, to help you heal yourself.

We will also talk about the here and now. How do you feel in your body right now? How do you feel about your orgasm right now?

3 – Genital Show & Tell.

This was one of the cornerstones in Betty’s work. Very often, genital shame is blocking our orgasm. Whatever the reason for that shame may be, when we feel that there is something wrong with our vulva, we can’t experience pleasure. In this part we will embrace the beauty of our genitals by taking a closer look at your and everyone else’s vulva. I will guide you through the process of identifying the clitoris, the clitoral shaft, the inner and outer labia, the cervix, the pelvic floor muscle, the urethral sponge (also known as the g-spot), and the perineum. In this process you will take ownership of your sex organ, of your body, by viewing and touching yourself. As a final step, you will name your vulva – know that this is nothing to put thought into, the right name will come to you in the moment.

4 – Vulva Massage.

Very often our day to day lives are full and we don’t make times for ourselves. That is what we would like to change today, as we consciously take the time to touch ourselves. As we oil up our vulva, as we touch every little crack of our sex organ, we find out what feels good and through that get ready for pleasure.

There is so much power in the space women* create when getting together in a circle.

Day 2

5 – Vulva Massage.

We start the day by once again giving ourselves and our vulvas the attention we deserve.

6 – Betty’s Rock’n’Roll Orgasm Technique.

I will guide you through what Betty Dodson called the Rock’n’Roll Orgasm technique– a combination of clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. If vaginal penetration is something you struggle with, you have nothing to worry about. Always remember that you will only do what feels right for you to do. In this part of the workshop you will learn how to stimulate your sex organ, how to engage your pelvic floor muscle and how to move energy through your body in order to reach climax. Our bodies are wired for pleasure and orgasm. All of us can orgasm and shared pleasure can help you expand that experience.

7 – Sexual Fantasy.

Maybe you already know your very own sexual yum, maybe you haven’t given this much thought or didn’t have the space to explore it – either way is fine. In this section we will talk about sexual fantasy and through conversation you may stumble upon your sexual yum. I will also introduce you to several sources of erotica and we will look at a few different toys.

8 – Sensual Touch.

To conclude our shared two-day experience, we will experience the beauty of non-sexual touch through a final massage of our bodies.

All these steps are taking in an environment of compassion, support and sisterhood. This is a safe space for all your experiences. 

I cannot wait to meet you.

Price: ZAR 6.500, EUR 425

If you are facing financal hardship or would like to discuss the possibility of a payment plan, please contact me on

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You feel like there is room for improvement in your sexuality? You have maybe never truly looked at your genitals? You do not or not always reach orgasm? Then this workshop is for you. We will cut through layers of trauma and shame, with pleasure awaiting us on the other side.


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