Female Pleasure

time well spent, as we dive deep into what is possible in (female) sexuality, how to find honest and unlimited access to your pleasure and why knowing our desires is important for our overall wellbeing and general health.

As women*, we often lack the appropriate information and are faced with a load of shame and (generational) trauma surrounding our own sexual needs. If Bodysex has taught me one thing it is the fact that it is never too late. Pleasure does not leave us as we age, in fact, it becomes better with the right knowledge and attention. So let's dive right in.

Myths, myths, and more myths.

The vulva.

In order to talk about and, of course, experience pleasure, we need to know all there is to know about the female genitals. I will gladly share all my knowledge.


There are so many myths around what sex is and what it isn't ... time to get some things straight.

To want or not to want.

Society teaches us that it is our duty to want to have sex. According to a lot of information out there, libido and spontaneous desire must come naturally to all of us and that is just plain wrong. I want to tell you why and do a little fact check.

The big O.

This is probably where the most (terrible) myths are buried. We will dig them out and talk not only about how to reach orgasm, but also dive into the health benefits of having (sexual) pleasure in your life.

Phantasies and more.

There is so much room for phantasies in sexuality and I will tell you why I think it is important and healthy for any relationship to engage in them. We will also talk about what phantasies are and – especially – what they are not.

Also, just in case you have not yet seen The Principles of Pleasure on Netflix, that is a good start.

As is anything put out into the world by the wonderful Emily Nagoski (who, btw, is in The Principles of Pleasure).

How to sign up.

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Please note that advance payment is necessary.

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It is never too late to take your pleasure into your own hands.


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