Virtual Bodysex

This one-on-one format offers several advantages, the biggest one being that you can do the sessions from the comfort of your own home and in a 1:1 setting. Virtual Bodysex will help you to connect to yourself, your body and your orgasm. I am looking forward to baring witness to your journey.

Unsure if this is the right format for you? Maybe this will help your decision making process.

Virtual Bodysex includes 5 one-on-one video (zoom) sessions with me that focus on

  • overcoming shame
  • your vulva
  • your orgasm
  • your very own sexual yum
  • a follow-up session or whatever else you may needSessions run for 50-75 minutes each.

Course Content

Session 1: Let’s talk about vulvas!

In the first session we look at different vulva styles and explore the female anatomy, taking a closer look at the clitoris as an organ, the g-spot (that isn’t a spot), as well as the vagina and pelvic floor muscle.

Between the first two sessions, you will be doing daily vulva massage as homework. For this I will provide you with recorded sound files of me guiding you through it.

Session 2: Genital show and tell!

After having learned many things around the vulva in general, it is time to focus on yours. Together we will slowly take this step (in your own time) as I guide you through the process of viewing and embracing your own vulva.

As homework you will be practicing the rock’n’roll orgasms technique as often as you can. For this I have recorded a video to guide you when practicing on your own.

Session 3: The rock’n’roll orgasm technique.

In this session I want to introduce you to Betty’s orgasm technique, in which we will combine clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration to reach orgasm. I will be there the entire time, guiding you through all the steps until you have reached your climax.

As homework you will be practicing the rock’n’roll orgasms technique as often as you can. I will also send you some links to inspire sexual fantasies for you to explore.

Session 4: Yum!

Let’s talk about your sexual yum. There is no wrong answer to this. Know that this is an entirely safe space and that whatever turns you on works.

Session 5: Tell me what you need.

In our final session we can do or talk about whatever you would like. I am here for any questions, and we will explore the answers together. If you would like to use the time for another round of orgasms, that is also completely fine. Like I said: You tell me what it is you need.


Before we book our first session you need to do two things:

1 – Write your personal sex essay.

In this essay I would like you to write about your sexual past. Explore the following topics and questions, write down your thoughts and email them to (email address)

  • Your religious upbringing. What were your parents’ attitude towards sex?
  • Your first memory of masturbation. Did you continue to masturbate during teenage years and adulthood?
  • Your first partner sex.
  • Your current sex life.
  • What are your sexual goals?
2 – Get the following things.

• Organic oil
• Rechargable magic wand or any vibrator you have. You can also use your hand.
• Betty’s Barbell or any other dildo.

In case you have any questions regarding these items, you can contact me on We can also discuss it during our first session.

Sign up for your pleasure. In this online-course we will look at various aspects of your sexuality, making sure we know what brings you pleasure and how to reach orgasm.


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