The Vulva

You might have seen or heard that the vulva is supposed to look or feel a certain (one) way – that is complete nonsense. There are a range of vulva styles out there, each one unique and beautiful in its own way. Take a look at the beautiful sketches by Betty Dodson, together with a very short description of a few different styles (this is just a selection), proving once and for all that there is beauty in every single one of us. Your vulva looks and feels exactly the way it is supposed to.

Art Deco Vulva
This vulva style has minimal, symmetrical labia and an average sized clitoris. It opens up to the form of a heart.

Baroque Vulva
This vulva style has curving labia and bold oval forms. There is a sense of motion that makes it all the more special.

Classical Vulva
This vulva style is very symmetrical with matching labia. The clitoris seems nestled into the simple lines of the labia.

Gothic Vulva
This vulva style has a long, tapered clitoral hood and a large clitoral glans like a medieval cathedral, taking one's breath away, in good old gothic style. It looks like the clitoris is hiding behind the hood.

Modern Vulva
This vulva style is sleek and stylized with labia that flow horizontally and a clitoris pearl that is round and slightly bigger. The bold lines make this style unique and beautiful.

Renaissance Vulva
This vulva style has a long clitoral hood, with the clitoris pearl hidden away, and ruffled labia. The beauty is the flowing drapery.

© Betty Dodson Foundation

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