Sex Counseling – here's what it means.

You know this inkling of wanting to change something in the way you are or are not having sex? Problems in sexual relationship/s often stem from a lack of knowing and communicating our deepest needs and desires. Though it may feel like an intimidating bridge to cross, it is a game changer for your relationships – with yourself and others.

"It is never too late to start having the sex you want."

Sex is an important part of our human experience, but also tough to navigate in a world that presents us with so many options of what sex could or should look and feel like. Whether you need to figure out what you truly want in your sexual relationship/s or you already know what your desires are, but feel they are not met, I am here to help. Whatever your desires may be, I am offering you a safe and shame free space to talk about your needs and find ways to better communicate them. Sex is a skill that – like any other – can be learned.

I offer in-person sessions (in Cape Town, SA) as well as online sessions via Zoom.

Sessions are 50 minutes long. Double sessions are possible.

Price: ZAR 1.050 | EUR 85

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the counseling sessions. Please note that I can, however, not give professional advise via email.

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