Vulva castings – your very own piece of art.

In March 2023, I finally had my own vulva cast by the wonderful Viktoria Krug from Vulvarium. If you guys are anywhere close to where she is, go meet her and let her cast your vulva – she is incredible at what she does. She was also my teacher :) In September 2023 I took a train to Graz (from one little village in the Austrian mountains to a small Austrian city) and had her show me all the ins and outs. Over a few very intense, productive, informative, and mostly fun, hands on days, she shared all her knowledge with me and trained me to do what she does: cast vulvas. So here I am, doing what I do, and that is turning your vulva into a piece of art.

What? How? When?

When you make an appointment for a vulva casting, we will first find a time and date that suits you. During your very individual casting session, there will be plenty of time for conversation and easing into this unfamilar terrain. I will explain everything and share what I know about vulvas, diversity, sexual trauma, shame, and the power of sexual freedom. Once you feel ready, I will take an exact duplicate of your vulva, using special techniques to ensure I have what I need to continue with the creation of your statue. All in all, the casting session will take between 60 to 90 minutes.

The bigger part of the handcrafting process will then happen in my studio, where I will turn your replica into a unique piece of art. Depending on a few factors (discussed when making the appointment), this will take up to 6 weeks. I will then inform you once your statue is ready for pick-up.

"Looking at my own vulva statue reminds me of the goddess within me. Of the fire that burns inside of me. Of the beauty we all carry and were taught to hide away. It is time we come out of hiding and celebrate our magnificence and diversity. It is time we show up. For each other and, most importantly, for ourselves."

Made by Viktoria Krug.

Any questions? I am happy to answer them all.

Price: ZAR 4.000 | EUR 275

But, there is more to the story ...

Society has taught us to be quiet about anything related to our sexual desires, needs, orientation, changing bodies, menstruation, genitals, and everything in between. Often times, we lack the knowledge and language to communicate about these topics and it is not rare that they are hidden behind unfathomable amounts of generational trauma and shame. We are told that our stories cannot be told. That they do not matter. But they do. Every story being told, every step taken to (re)claim our bodies, is a step towards healing.

Healing, as we all know, happens one step at the time. It is a slow process. An unsatisfying one at times. Being a circle breaker is not easy or rewarding, yet still, you continue to show up. So, be patient with yourself. You are doing it and that is good enough.

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