The Clitoris

Women have a complex clitoral system. We need more time to to warm up, but once we are there, we won't only achieve orgasm, but there is an endless amount of pleasure waiting for us.

The Internal Clitoris

Women have the most sophisticates sex organ on this planet that has no other purpose than to bring pleasure. Endless amounts of pleasure.

When speaking about the clitoris, we often refer to the clitoral glans, the pearl that sits on top of our vulva - which has at least 8.000 nerve endings (they are still working on figuring this one out) - but there's so much much more to our clitoris than the visible part. The clitoris glans is protected by the clitoral hood, also visible from the outside. You can also notice the suspensory ligament of the clitoris, also called the clitoral shaft, right on top of the clitoral hood, which feels a bit like a rubber band when letting your finger run over it from side to side.

Our internal clitoris contains of a large clitoral body, consisting of legs and bulbs on either side of the vaginal opening. The bulbs contain erectile tissue and though our erections are internal and therefore not visible, it is important to know that we not only have just as much erectile tissue as men, but that those parts of our bodies need to be stimulated in order to be fully aroused and able to reach climax.

This is a photo taken in an MRI, showing the placement of the internal clitoris. You can see the legs running along the pubic bone behind the outer labia and the bulbs right next to them, behind the inner labia.

Video of Betty drawing the internal clitoris.

Vulva model seen in photos by Vielma.

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