Female Pleasure – a talk.

In this talk, I will tell you about all the wonderful things I have learned about female pleasure and orgasm. It is time well spent, as we dive deep into what is possible in (female) sexuality, how to find honest and unlimited access to your pleasure and why knowing our desires is important for our wellbeing and general health.

You can find out more about this in the TALK section.

As women*, we often lack the appropriate information and are faced with a load of shame and (generational) trauma surrounding our own sexual needs. If Bodysex has taught me one thing it is the fact that it is never too late. Pleasure does not leave us as we age, in fact, it becomes better with the right knowledge and attention. So let's dive right in.

Also, just in case you have not yet seen 'The Principles of Pleasure' on Netflix, that is a good start.

As is anything put out into the world by the wonderful Emily Nagoski (who, btw, is in 'The Principles of Pleasure').

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