Bodysex Online Circle

This workshop includes all the content you would normally get in a live-format circle, but it is entirely online. Knowing how busy our lives can get and how carving out an entire weekend for yourself can be tricky, this workshop is stretched out over five weeks, with four 90-minute group Zoom sessions, as well as a 50-minute 1:1 session for genital show & tell. It also includes a 30-minute preparatory session and a 30 minute in-between Q&A session – if needed.

While you have the option of active participation and sharing of your name and story, it is also perfectly acceptable to change your Zoom name and/or keep your camera off during our group sessions.

What's in it?

Preparatory session

I would like to meet and get to know you a little. Especially if you decide to join anonymously, it is crucial that we spend some 1:1 time together.

This session is 30 minutes long and can happen at any arranged time and date before the workshop.

Session I

Session one is mostly educational, but also offers time for you to introduce yourself and to share why you have decided to join the Bodysex online circle.

Session II

In this second session we will make time to talk about our sexual upbringing, childhood masturbation, sexual experiences - past and present -, sexual relationships, sexual trauma and shame. We will not try to analyze or fix anything, but are instead holding the space for each other and every personal experience.

We will also talk about the here and now. How do you feel in your body right now? How do you feel about your orgasm right now?

We will end the session with a guided vulva massage. For this you will need a good, organic oil and a little standing mirror to look at yourself.

As a follow up, you will get access to an audio recording of a guided vulva massage. This will give you the possibility to continue the massage at home, which I encourage you to do.

1:1 Genital show & tell

Genital show & tell is one of the most essential parts of a Bodysex experience and was one of the cornerstones of Betty Dodson's work. Very often, genital shame is blocking our orgasm. Whatever the reason for that shame may be, when we feel that there is something wrong with our vulva, we can’t experience pleasure. In this 1:1 part, we will embrace the beauty of our genitals by taking a closer look at your vulva. I will guide you through the process of identifying the clitoris, the clitoral shaft, the inner and outer labia, the cervix, the pelvic floor muscle, the urethral sponge (also known as the g-spot), the perineum and anything else you might find interesting. By viewing and touching yourself, you will take ownership of your sex organ. As a final step, you will name your vulva.

Seeing that this online format allows for participants to keep their privacy, we are doing this in a 1:1 setting on Zoom. We will find a time and date that works for you.

Acknowledging the beauty of our vulva without judgement makes all the difference.
Statues displayed in the picture by Viktoria Krug @vulvarium.
Session III

Session three will be all about Betty's Rock'n'Roll orgasm technique. I will introduce you to all the tools and talk about the technique a bit, before showing you a video demonstrating it. This is followed by a guided vulva massage in preparation for erotic recess. After me again demonstrating the rock'n'roll orgasm technique, it is your turn to get comfy and practical in your own space. Again, you decide how much you share.

In-between, as needed ...

If, after our first erotic recess together, you have any questions or concerns surrounding the rock'n'roll and/or your masturbation technique and/or orgasm, let me know. We can fit in a 30-minute live Q&A before our final session together.

Session IV

In this final session, we will take some time to discuss any shifts that may have occurred or concerns you may have stumbled upon. You will then have space to sink into your deepest emotions and desires, as I will speak about sexual fantasy and all the other yummy stuff I know about. Questions are – as always – welcome.

We will then round this online workshop off with another 30-40 minutes erotic recess, celebrating ourselves, our pleasure and our orgasm.

All these steps are taken in an environment of compassion, support and sisterhood. This is a safe space for all your experiences. 

If there are any questions you'd like to have answered before signing up, please don't hesitate to get into contact with me.

Price: ZAR 2.800, EUR 195

I cannot wait to meet you.

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We will meet on the same day, at the same time, every week, for 5 weeks. Between session 2 and 3, we will take a break from group sessions for your 1:1 slots. Your 1:1 sessions will be planned individually and suited to your calendar.


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