Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

A strong pc muscle enhances orgasm, not only with yourself, but with a partner as well. As women we often hear about the health benefits of a strong pelvic floor muscle (e.g. bladder control, maintaining overall as well as vaginal health, (better) orgasms), but we hardly get the right information on how to get there.

The pc muscle, as you may have heard, can be strengthened through exercises that focus on squeezing and releasing. Now I don’t know about you, but it took me 30-something years and a couple of babies to figure out what exactly they were talking about. I never knew how to activate the muscle. In fact, I probably didn’t quite know where it was.

If that sounds familiar and you would like to change that, then we can look at it together. With the help of Betty's barbell, a vaginal exerciser and pleasure device, we can find your very personal training rhythm and structure.

PC-muscle training sessions are 30 minutes long.

Price: ZAR 600, EUR 40

The price does not include the barbell.

Want to have control over your pc-muscle? This will definitely help you. Betty's Barbell will help to strengthen your muscle and opens new doors to experiencing pleasure.


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