Online erotic recess

Erotic recess is what Betty Dodson called the vital part of a Bodysex experience, where women* share self-pleasure and orgasm in a circle. During Covid, an online format, led by the wonderful Carlin Ross, emerged, which sparked this idea of holding an online space for anyone interested. So, no matter where in the world you are, hop on Zoom and be a part of the experience. Changing Zoom names and switching off cameras is legitimate, if that is what you want or is necessary. You would just need to let me know beforehand.

Who is it for?

Basically, any person with a vulva can join this online circle. It is, however, essential that you have worked with me in one way or another in the past. That being said though, it is possible to join after just one 1:1 session. Due to it being a very intimate and vulnerable space, I cannot let anyone in whom I have not yet met. I hope you understand.

How to get in?

You can either book your slot online via PayPal at the bottom of this page or send me proof of payment (no later than 18h00 on the day) and I will email you the link. We are using Zoom.

Please note that advance payment is necessary.

Price: ZAR 150, EUR 10

You can find my banking details here, should you prefer to transfer the money into one of my accounts.

Upcoming workshops

Free seats
Online, in English
March 17
15 of 15
Online, in German
March 24
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Want to join a shame-free space of pleasure and sisterhood? Then come join our online circle.


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