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Jessica Adams – Iscarosa

Bodysex® is a practice designed by Betty Dodson PhD that supports women to connect to their bodies and orgasm to heal shame, enhance pleasure, and encourage selflove. Once we understand basic sexual anatomy, know and find the parts that bring us to orgasm, and claim our bodies for our own pleasure, we know our true sexual selves.

As a certified Bodysex Facilitator, I work online, as well as in Europe (mainly Austria) and South Africa.


The Iscarosa Blog

As people with vulva, we often grow up without the fundamental information on the female body and female pleasure. Developing a healthy relationship with ourselves and our sexuality is very difficult without knowing about the female anatomy, the female module of sexual response and the basic information on female orgasm. This page offers free information around all these topics. Furthermore, the BLOG offers regular articles on any topic related to sexual health, sexual relationships, intimacy and female pleasure.



Besides for having all the information on the female body, it is important to know, what we ourselves look and feel like. Bodysex will help you connect to yourself and your orgasm through long-standing exercises and techniques, in order to heal shame and enhance pleasure.

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