Vulva on Fire

Two years ago, I started having what I was told were bladder and/or vaginal infections and though treatment didn’t bring the expected results, the diagnosis didn’t change. After many months of the same thing happening, my gynecologist started experimenting, diagnosing whatever seemed to come to her mind first, like she was ticking things off an invisible list. After considering a Herpes infection and prescribing tablets that made me groggy and didn’t help, I decided it was time to change my gynae. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that none of those other specialists was able to help me either.


To give you an idea of what was going on: it always started with a little itching and/or burning on my vulva and then, quite quickly, turned into an infection that left my skin bleeding, made my vagina itch, and turned into a bladder infection. No matter what I would try, it just would not stop. Eventually, I spoke to my GP about it, as I refused another round of antibiotics, knowing not only that it is not the solution, but also because the vaginal suffering after taking it was no joke. After no gynecologist had been able to help me and one even suggested that this was a psychosomatic issue that I should rather discuss with my psychologist, it felt amazing to have her listen to me and take me seriously, though she could not really do anything for me on a medical level.

Bodysex to the resuce

Eventually, I ended up with a male doctor and – to say the least – was very suspicious towards his capability to help me, but he was good at listening and also admitted that he can’t be sure what the problem could be. His suggestion was that I was suffering from an autoimmune disease called Lichen Sclerosus and suggested I use cortisone and estrogen creams to see what would happen.

What happened was that nothing changed. I was still stuck with the same symptoms, feeling helpless and out of energy.

This was in 2021, a few months after I had successfully taken the Virtual Bodysex class and because I felt like in my miserable, sick state, I could no longer connect to my orgasm, I booked myself another session with Carlin. Of course, my orgasm was still there and by reconnecting to it, I was able to shift my energy. As a first step, I went on sick leave, so that I could recover. As a second step, I started masturbating regularly again and as a third step, I took photos of my vulva and documented what I did on each day, which cream I used, if I had orgasmed, how my vulva/vagina/bladder felt and so on. At the beginning of December, three months after I had started treatment, I stopped using all medical products and went to buy myself the organic cream I used to use on my children’s bums when they were little. Aside from that very fatty cream, the only other thing I did was masturbate as regularly as I could. A few weeks later we left for Cape Town, and I spent as much time sunbathing naked as I possibly could, letting my vulva finally get some sun. And just like that, I could feel that my body was compliant, the healing process had started.

Start prescribing pleasure

Once back in the cold hemisphere I kept a close eye on my “condition”, noticing that my skin gets so thin in the second half of my cycle, that it starts to tear. The bum cream helps to keep that in check and though I am still facing some discomfort regularly, I have been able to entirely prevent any infection from taking over. It’s been 6 months now and though I still have days on which I wish for a diagnosis, I am happy to have it under control. Had it not been for Bodysex, I would never have experienced just how much pleasure can heal. Maybe it is not diagnosis we need from our doctors, but their openness to different forms of treatment. Maybe they should start prescribing pleasure – wouldn’t that be a game changer!?

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