Orgasmic Symphony

– the sounds of female pleasure

Imagine a piece of music that combines the most grounding frequencies with sounds reaching out of this world, all being held together by the sounds of pleasure. Do you have an idea what that could sound like? :) I have to admit ¬ that I am asking a lot but let me tell you this much: the song is all about orgasms. About the sounds of actual female pleasure, recorded during several erotic recess sessions, hosted by Bodysex CEO Carlin Ross. I have already had the honor of hearing a final draft of the composition and I really hope that the recording will happen, so that the rest of the world gets to hear us too. Who knows, we might even make it onto the radio …

How and when it all started

Two years ago, shortly after I had finished my first Bodysex workshop (virtually) with Carlin, my husband overheard me participating in erotic recess. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of erotic recess: we virtually get together once a month (in the peak of the pandemic we met once a week) to connect, share, explore and experience pleasure in a safe space. After much talking and laughing, the focus always moves to self-pleasure and shared orgasms. So, while I was participating in this beautiful concept of sisterhood, my husband walked into the room next to the one I was in and overheard the sounds of orgasms. As he told me later, he was stopped in his tracks. He stood still, he closed his eyes and he listened. To him, it sounded like music. With sounds so beautiful and pure, he imagined it accompanied by strings, piano, percussion, drums.

A colorful harmony with swells and dips, flying and falling, floating and sinking – a symphony like there is no other.

At first, I giggled – to be honest that is often my first response, because I am not an artist and ideas need to sink in first. This one would not leave me alone and kept popping up in my thoughts so, I decided to hear what the community thought of the idea, and they loved it. Our part was fairly easy, all Carlin needed to do was press the record button while we dove into pleasure and those of us who wanted to be a part, just kept their microphone on. What was happening in the studio of our house was a lot more of the creative process. I think at this point it is time I introduce my husband, Brendan Adams. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, he started writing poetry when he was 10 and playing the guitar when he was 21. What followed were his own songs and a long-standing career as a recording artist with a big body of work out there – all of which can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. While I turned to sexual pleasure during the pandemic, he got as creative as he could be and released one song every week, accompanied by a video, for the entire year of 2020 – 53 songs in total. An example of this would be the final song and video which can be heard and viewed here. All the other songs and videos can be found on YouTube as well.

After we had the recorded orgasms, the composition took almost one whole year and was done in collaboration with a dear friend of ours. The musicians and studio have been organized and the date has been set for the middle of October. Now our goal is to raise the money to pay for the recording, which is why I have set up a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe, hoping that together we can make this happen. It would, of course, mean the world to me, but more than that, this piece of music is made in the spirit of the sexual freedom of women* on this planet. It is a beautiful interpretation of the female orgasm, and it would be a pity if we couldn’t share it with the world.

Link to Crowdfunding

As a goodie for your support you will receive a digital copy of the finished musical piece via email before the official release date.

I am a dreamer and I do believe that together we can make this happen.

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